Lessons Learned and News in September and October 2020

This is what I learned in September and October 2020:

  1. I wrote an article how to return an empty response entity in Spring MVC.
  2. Life gave me some interesting input on how to manage jobs / company affiliation / “disruptive career development”. This did not affect me directly, but I thought about how developers are keeping / changing their jobs nowadays. One result is an article on how to hire Steven Schwenke. Here’s the TLDR: “Currently, I’m not actively searching for a new job. This article is meant to be a guide for people who are offering extraordinary jobs that I would be a perfect fit for.”
  3. I am actively learning and gathering experience with the AWS ecosystem. As a test project, I migrated the IT Hub platform from Pivotal Cloudfoundry to AWS. On the way, I learned how to access routes in Angular applications on S3 and Cloudfront, how to start a spring boot app with spring-cloud-starter-aws-jdbc dependency locally and how to move an Angular and Spring app to AWS. Although I am learning quickly, AWS yields a lot of unmapped territory for me.

I read no books that should be mentioned here.

This is what I’m working on right now / planning to do in the near future / other stuff:

  1. Already mentioned above, I am spending time learning and getting more hands-on-experience with AWS. After successfully migrating the IT Hub, I am working on reaching the second milestone. I’ll keep you posted on the details.
  2. This lessons-learned-article spans two months instead of just one. This means that either a lot has happened to distract me from keeping the regular schedule, or not much has happened to write about. Both is true und untrue at the same time. However, now I have enough focus to work on my formerly mentioned projects again. One of my focus topics is AWS, as you can tell from the articles mentioned in this blog post. The other is very different and I’m looking forward to making some progress. I plan on working on it every single day, so there should be something to see hopefully before the year comes to an end.
  3. One of the smaller projects of the last weeks is finally “airing” on Tuesday, November 3rd: I relaunched the HackTalk! After some back and forth thinking, I decided to host an online version of the event and hope that the typical HackTalk feeling will work online, too. Many IT community groups here in Brunswick stopped organizing events because of Corona virus. The long-term effects to the community are incalculable. I hope that restarting at least one regular event will have a small positive effect.

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