XP Days 2023 and Tech2Talk

Last week, I met up with Falk Sippach and Sergej Tihonov at the XP-Days in Frankfurt. I’m excited to share our experiences from the event and unveil an exciting new project with you.

Enjoying brilliant weather, we not only mingled with other conference organizers, developers, and Agile Coaches. We also hosted a two-hour workshop ourselves. Our central theme was our common topic of teaching how to craft and deliver a presentation. Our group of around 15 participants brainstormed a variety of intriguing topics, and we outlined the initial steps in creating their talks. Some outstanding presentations will emerge from this! Using the results of our workshops, the speakers can join our free online coaching course that begins on November 7th, 2023. Even if you did not visit the XP Days, you are welcome in the coaching session! In four weekly sessions, attendees will gain insights from three seasoned speakers and can discuss their presentations. For more details, check out

Now, for the grand reveal: The launch of our new initiative, “Tech2Talk”! Over recent months, we realized we offer a variety of top-notch resources for budding speakers:

  • I penned the book “Developer on the Stage”.

  • Falk, in collaboration with Melanie Andrisek, organizes the SpeaKonf.

  • Sergej has recorded our past online sessions for YouTube.

  • …and, of course, we’ve given numerous talks on the art of speaker coaching.

We’ve consolidated all of these under the “Tech2Talk” banner. Drop by, book our proven presentations for your conference or company, or dive into the free chapters of the book! :)

I’m absolutely thrilled to live by my motto “Passionate Software Craftsman” and work alongside Falk, Sergej, and Melanie. Anyone who’s seen me present knows how much I relish it and how eager I am to encourage others to step onto the stage.