AWS CloudQuest and Another Badge for the Cloud Practitioner

Nearly two years after I got certified for the AWS Cloud Practitioner, I got another Cloud Practitioner badge. Weird! :D

I got this new badge through the awesome CloudQuest “game”. This browser-based application is provided by AWS to enable a gamified learning experience to grasp the many things to learn in the huge AWS environment. Shortly after testing the free version of the game, I invested the $29 per month to get access to more labs and challenges and to be able to repeat labs.

Although the user experience is terrible, CloudQuest is currently one of my most rewarding learning tools. In addition to this great game, I’m using Anki to repeat the multiple choice questions from CloudQuest as well as other sources, for examples the great tutorials by Stéphane Maarek on Udemy.

It’s a great time for learning with so many tools and options! This is an important part of my self-conception as a passionate software craftsman.