Lessons Learned in April 2017

This is what I learned in April 2017:

  1. Used Marp for the first time. It lets you create pdf from markdown. That is a great help for creating slides for my workshops in which I often use markdown.
  2. At the HackTalk in Braunschweig, I learned about GitBisect. Here’s a nice Repository with examples. GitBisect allows automatic search for the commit that introduced a certain behavior. That way, the exact commit in which an error was produced can be automatically traced. Very awesome.
  3. For my upcoming course at the university, I studied the book “Management 3.0” by Jurgen Appelo. It’s really great, everyone who is supposed to lead people should read this book.
  4. Once again, I gave my workshop “Writing awesome Java code”. This time, I let the participants not only decide on the agenda, but also on the order of the topics, the detail and even how we’ve learned (me just telling stuff or them hands-on hacking). That was one of the most exhausting workshops I ever had, but it was worth it. I got great feedback and it was fun.

(Photo: adrian825,