Lessons Learned in Dezember 2015 and January 2016

Because the Dezember is traditionally a month of appointments that keep me from programming and learning a lot, this article is about what I learned in Dezember 2015 and January 2016 :

  1. The programmer’s Oath by Uncle Bob.
  2. (Still running) Setting up a CI-Server with Bamboo, Clover and Sonar for multiple projects.
  3. Trying to do regular Code Katas.
  4. First kata: full-featured implementation of Game of Life.
  5. Second kata: no conditionals. Details see Code Katas.
  6. Learning Git while trying to produce nice Pull Requests for the Github pages of the local Java User Group (JUG Ostfalen) on which I publish my events like HackCamp and HackTalk.
  7. Facilitated my first coderetreat at the 5. HackCamp Wolfsburg.
  8. Installed IDEA Plugins .ignore for creating ignore-files and Codeglance for a nice preview of the currently opened class.
  9. Having a multi-project SVN repository, it is very important to commit the meta data while merging. In the past, I noticed that the project itself became scratched when I merged files in this project on one branch from another. Sometimes, I just commited the files directly and reverted the change on the project itself. I learned that this causes slower performance while doing future merges because the meta-information about this merge has not been writen in the project.
  10. I visited Stratum0, the local Hackspace in Brunswick. Very nice guys, very nice space. If you search a location to give talks and meet with people, ask these guys.

(Photo: adrian825,